Tea & Coffee Safari

Today, Kenya is the fourth largest tea producer in the world, despite the fact that not a single tea leaf grew there a century ago. Kenya exports agricultural goods, especially coffee and tea, for 70% of its total exports. Visits to these coffee and tea estates are calming and pleasurable.


Discover how the world's best tea and coffee is made

Most of the Kenyan coffee and tea farms are at elevations of around 6,000 feet or more, resulting in coffees with fruity, spicy, and more acidic tasting notes, as well as teas with low bitterness and very robust flavors. Kenyan coffee is exceptionally tasty. Fortunately, many of the top Kenyan coffee and tea estates with tours are nearby Nairobi, making it easy for visitors to undertake a half-day visit. 

The majority of Kenyan coffee farmed today is of the Arabica kind, which was first brought to Africa by missionaries in the late 1800s. Today, modest family farms that operate as collectives to sell their harvests to customers are where the majority of Kenyan coffee and tea are cultivated. However, some larger tea and coffee estates, the majority of which are located less than an hour from Nairobi, offer visitors the opportunity of tours and tastings.


Tea in Kericho

The Kericho safari destination is known for its tea production; as visitors on a safari to Kenya, they will be exposed to the production of the tea from stage one of growing, picking the tea leaves until the final product of the tea. Kericho is described as an agrotourism safari that encourages agriculture on how it should be done. The Kericho safari location in Kenya boasts beautiful scenery as well as the culture of the locals and their way of life. The largest town in Kericho County, which lies in the highlands west of the Kenya Rift Valley, 

Kericho sits on the edge of the Mau Forest and has a mild, temperate climate that is perfect for agriculture, especially the largest tea cultivation. The main square of the town of Kericho, known as Chai, which means tea in Hindi, is the location of the Kericho safari destination. This draws a variety of tourists to Kericho because it is home to numerous tea stalls selling a variety of regional teas that are more popular and well-liked by different tourists due to the area’s pleasant surroundings.


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