Walking Safaris

Enjoy Kenya’s unique flora and fauna  early morning or late afternoon and discover the beauty in the land.


Up close and Candid Safari

The majority of tourists are unaware that walking safaris have been an option in Kenya for as long as game drives; they were unofficial, and only natives could take part. But over time, Kenya’s walking safaris have developed into a truly wonderful experience.  Through walking safaris, you get to experience Kenya’s unique flora and fauna, with the help of a knowledgeable tour guide

 Take a walking safari in the early morning or late afternoon and discover more about the various species of wildlife in the parks and reserves by examining their footprints and droppings. Discover different bird species while learning about the rich history and culture of the neighborhood. The best way to see Kenya’s genuineness is on a walking safari.


Karisia Walking Safari

Our walking safaris traverse beautiful landscapes that tell the story of a turbulent geologic past alongside the Rift Valley. Archeological artifacts like flints, shards, graves and pottery litter the ground, evidence of an equally rich cultural history. Our interest in walking safaris and adventure was sowed along with our interest in ecology and conservation. We see plenty of big game on our walking safaris but we also catch a lot of sights that the game drive vehicles zoom right past.

Tracking was always a large part of the human experience. With our Ndorobo trackers, we work hard to keep that tradition alive, scouring the ground for signs of game. Culture is an added dimension to our walks and we are all keenly aware to remind our visitors of our human history which began right beneath our feet.


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