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Water Safaris

Boating and Canoeing safaris

Kenya has a number of fresh and salt water lakes and rivers which offer the double treat of thrilling rides and spectacular game viewing. Boat safaris can be arranged at Lake Baringo, Lake Victoria and Lake Naivasha.

At Lake Baringo you will have a chance to paddle with local fishermen and learn about their culture and ingenious fishing methods.

Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake with no known outlet, a requisite for fresh water lakes! A must-visit is the Crescent Island Sanctuary known for birdlife. In addition the lake supports a variety of animals such as hippo, buffalo and dik dik which can be seen at Crescent Island depending on the time of day.

Rafting safaris

White water rafting adventures are a permanent feature in the Tana River. The Tana River begins at the Aberdare Forest, weaving through varied topography all the way to the Indian Ocean, a distance of over 600 km.

It is a popular with rafting novices and professionals due to its hair-pin bends and rapids. A Kenyan rafting adventure is a highly recommended for thrill seekers and the young at heart. The choice of courses will depend on your level of expertise.