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Beach Holidays

After a breathtaking adventure in the African bush, the seduction of a tropical beach holiday proves irresistible. Lose yourself in reverie while lounging on the pristine white sands that stretch endlessly along the sapphire ocean waters. Here, the pace is more leisurely and the sunshine heavenly. Depending on your schedule and interests, there are plenty of activities to fill you time between the sun tans. The beaches are reef-protected and thus safe for a swim. You can also take a dive into the clear blue waters and marvel at the abundant tropical sea life.

Visit Mombasa and Lamu Islands and learn their rich history. One landmark in Mombasa is Fort Jesus, strategically built by the Portuguese during their brief sojourn at the Kenyan coast in the16th Century.

Old Lamu is famous for its Swahili architecture and winding, narrow streets. A World Heritage Site, it is the oldest living town started over 600 years ago and a center of poetry, politics and arts in its glorious days. 

Other destinations include Malindi, Lamu, Seychelles, Mauritius, Durban in South Africa, and Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.