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Water Safaris

Boating and Canoeing safaris

Kenya has a number of fresh and salt water lakes and rivers which offer the double treat of thrilling rides and spectacular game viewing. Boat safaris can be arranged at Lake Baringo, Lake Victoria and Lake Naivasha.

At Lake Baringo you will have a chance to paddle with local fishermen and learn about their culture and ingenious fishing methods.

Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake with no known outlet, a requisite for fresh water lakes! A must-visit is the Crescent Island Sanctuary known for birdlife. In addition the lake supports a variety of animals such as hippo, buffalo and dik dik which can be seen at Crescent Island depending on the time of day.

Rafting safaris

White water rafting adventures are a permanent feature in the Tana River. The Tana River begins at the Aberdare Forest, weaving through varied topography all the way to the Indian Ocean, a distance of over 600 km.

It is a popular with rafting novices and professionals due to its hair-pin bends and rapids. A Kenyan rafting adventure is a highly recommended for thrill seekers and the young at heart. The choice of courses will depend on your level of expertise.

Camel Safaris

The far flung areas of northern Kenya reveal exciting adventures. Camel safaris offer an elevated position to view the surrounding terrain. You can either choose a short afternoon trip or take off into the remote bush for days. In each trip a guide and an armed escort are provided.

A short ride involves a three-hour slow journey with a stop at a scenic spot for an evening drink while taking in the exquisite African sunset. You will then return to your hotel as night falls.

A longer safari takes two-to-five days and requires a caravan. You will traverse the plains in the morning as you view game and arrive at the designated camp in the evening. After a hearty meal of local cuisine you then gather around the fire under the clear sky and enjoy tales about the Samburu community.

Bird Watching

East Africa is one of the top birding destinations in the world. Its rich incredible variety is the dream of every birding enthusiast. The moderate tropical climate affords year-round birding. Kenya has over 1000 recorded species of birds and it is not uncommon to tick off over 300 species within a single location.

Our birding trips vary from a full day at Nairobi National Park to several weeks in famous birding sites such as Lake Naivasha, Lake Baringo, Kakamega Forest, Lake Victoria, Mount Kenya and Lake Nakuru National park- home of the world-famous flamingo.
You shall be accompanied by our birding guides whose knowledge, skill and experience will increase your appreciation for nature.

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Beach Holidays

After a breathtaking adventure in the African bush, the seduction of a tropical beach holiday proves irresistible. Lose yourself in reverie while lounging on the pristine white sands that stretch endlessly along the sapphire ocean waters. Here, the pace is more leisurely and the sunshine heavenly. Depending on your schedule and interests, there are plenty of activities to fill you time between the sun tans. The beaches are reef-protected and thus safe for a swim. You can also take a dive into the clear blue waters and marvel at the abundant tropical sea life.

Visit Mombasa and Lamu Islands and learn their rich history. One landmark in Mombasa is Fort Jesus, strategically built by the Portuguese during their brief sojourn at the Kenyan coast in the16th Century.

Old Lamu is famous for its Swahili architecture and winding, narrow streets. A World Heritage Site, it is the oldest living town started over 600 years ago and a center of poetry, politics and arts in its glorious days. 

Other destinations include Malindi, Lamu, Seychelles, Mauritius, Durban in South Africa, and Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.